Unity 4.6 and new UIs

I've upgraded to Unity 4.6, which means I get to play with the new UI components. So far they're quite simple, but the tools seem powerful, and intuitive to use. As such I decided to add a few buttons to the game, as shown above. The first thing to mention is this is the world through orthographic projection - a 3d world viewed in 2d. Not having the side walls cuts down on a lot of additional modelling / texturing, but it means I need to work harder to create an interesting world.

The games has gained a pause button now, and this has been wired in. You can now instantly stop time, ready to make your choices and then see how they play out.

The other UI component I've created are the 3 layer buttons on the right. These are how I'm going to get around only viewing the world from above. Similar to X-Com, the game will be split into layers (or floors) and you'll be able to hide the higher ones to see inside buildings.