More other-people's games

Continuing my catchup of the games I missed in the year, I tore through FarCry 4, which was just a fun game, especially once the Buzzsaw is unlocked. After that I moved onto Dragon Age: Inquisition, a real-time game with the ability to pause when required to reposition your characters. The game is enthralling, but I'm not too sure on the replay value as the interest for me is in the environments and the quests.

The team works well together if you choose well, but the AI's a bit too good. It depends on what you're after from the game, but I was expecting more of a team-based game. Instead what you get is your character and these 3 others that need your help every now and then to be repositioned, kind of an uncanny valley for AI. With half of the fights in the game, my character could be sleeping for all the difference it makes.

It's good for me to see though, as it's useful to understand that to create the game I want, I'll need to give most of the control of the AI to the user, which probably comes back to 3 characters being optimal. I'd prefer more the feeling of the movies, where you have 3 characters working together to achieve the same goal, rather than 3 puppies who chase you around.