Rebelstar: Tactical Command

Over the Christmas period, I'm taking a break from The Guest List to catch up on some games I've missed throughout the year. Starting with Shadows of Mordor, which features a familiar-feeling concept of having to take out / interrogate the underlings to get to the boss. While it's nice to see major developers try and do something different, it's kind of annoying that it's an idea I was playing around for this game.

Apart from that it was a good game let down by QTEs whenever your health dropped to 0. Borderlands did this best by allowing you to rely on your skill. Anyway, for Christmas, I got a surprise gift comprising of a Game Boy Advance and the titular Rebelstar: Tactical Command, entirely unrelated to this blog and my previous mentions of Gollop's games. So far, a linear, turn-based game, with no choice of loadout (which feels weird - I was surprised at how important this felt). You start off controlling a few characters at a time. I've just done a level or 2 with 3, and then one with 5, and 3 feels right. You actually care about the characters instead of the Rebelstar 2 issue where you have so many that they're cannon fodder.

It's also worth mentioning the overwatch mode in this game. As it's about what goals you have to accomplish, the AI stays relatively still, waiting for you to appear, and then instantly shoots you. The weapons feel underpowered, so it's not so bad, but it is quite irritating with hand-designed levels.