It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear

It's been over a month since an update now, but that doesn't mean development halted, just no cool stuff to show. Firstly, though, was completing Dragon Age: Inquisition. The game was very good, but it possibly had too much to do, if that can be such a thing. With all of the different ores and herbs to collect, side missions to do, characters to please so you unlock their additional side-missions, I felt glad when it was over. I think that the best lesson I can learn from that is not to have so many collectables and side-missions. I need to allow deviation without making the player feel lost or overwhelmed.

Anyway, I'm back to development now and, as you can hopefully see in the animated gif above, the red enemy agent's a bit of a good shot. I've been building a base for the game's AI along the lines of target Detection, Assessment, and Response. In the above, the red agent is recognising the player characters and deciding to shoot them. The aim is to create an AI that can choose how it will respond. Whether that is to shoot first, wait for the player to make the first move, or run away screaming.

I'd like the AI's to be able to work as a team, assessing threats and deciding upon actions. The Guest List will likely have a large number of stealth elements so having an AI that's capable of calculating if you're a threat in the first place should be useful.