New speed of system showing cover

We're still in the hunt for better performance and a lot of that's going to come down to the speed of the AI. Due to the various rebuilds this codebase has already gone through, the AI is still relatively basic. The focus has been getting the basics right and hoping the rest will work well.

As such, I'm still perfecting getting an AI to find cover in a reasonable time, although I think we may finally be there. The following is running on a I3 that's a couple of years out of date, with 4GB of ram:

This shows our hero approaching an AI who's sole job is to hide behind the nearest pillar that's not too close. The profiler below (which itself takes precious ms to run) shows that apart from a couple of spikes up to 4ms (still enough for 250 fps), the pathfinding routes run like butter.

This has been achieved with some micro-optimisations, bug fixes in the process command runner and re-writing how the rooms are created. I'll cover that next time.