Let's all do the conga! 

It's been a week or three of bug fixes for the AI. When there was a single enemy it would work well, but with many there were a multitude of issues. Some of these were AIs oscillating around a single point on the map, teleporting to places not on their path, and pausing if the game was running too slow. Basically, not anything you really want in your AIs.

Thankfully these weren't hard to fix, but took a lot of time, which means we'll be coming up to a break in development soon as there's only x number of spare hours in the day and time debts need to be paid.

The end result of this work though is this rather lovely gif.

This graphic has no caching currently so everything is being calculated on the fly for each individual AI. It's unlikely there'll ever be 50 AIs on a single screen running around, but it's nice to see how quickly it's being handled.