Upstairs, downstairs 

These updates will be quite irregular as I'm fitting them in around regular work, and other web applications that need to be built. As such most of the work is being done in 30 minute blocks snatched here and there. From last time, I've taken the tile finding algorithm and added in slopes and doorways. It now can calculate what level tiles halfway (and quarterway, thirdway...) up a slope should be on. This will be useful as we don't want characters teleporting from the 1st to the 3rd floor, so they'll need to have a maximum height on how far they can change each step.

The aim is to have a random map generated for the player, representing small sections of a city. As such, these tile heights will have to generated on-the-fly, whenever a new map is requested, so have to quick to be created. So far, this is the case.